About us

Geras Solutions aims to significantly improve the lives of millions who have been
directly or indirectly affected by cognitive decline or dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

We do this by digitizing traditional forms of dementia care and thereby bridging past obstacles that this vulnerable group currently face. Part of this we solve with practical tools for care, but also by raising awareness of neurocognitive diseases in general.

This is done towards a goal of reducing the percentage of individuals who never receive a diagnosis from 75% to 0%.

Our team

Haza Newman


Victor Bloniecki, MD

Clinical Content Manager

Vladimir Osipov

CTO/Full Stack

Rickard Forsman

Chief Commercial Officer

Hoor Jalo

Analyst and Success Coordinator

Martin Domon

Developer intern

Vitaliy Shishov

Back End Developer

Simon Tong

Developer intern

Advisory Board

Miia Kivipelto

Professor of Geriatrics,
Karolinska Institute

Björn Arvidsson

Ambassador for Future Health Care, STUNS Life Science

Göran Hagman

Karolinska University Hospital

Per Båtelson

Swedish health leader and

Paul Beatus

Swedish Catalyst for Digital Innovation, H2 Health Hub

Ragnar Åstrand

Geriatric medicine specialist

Board Members

Bo Mattsson

Chairman of the board

Lars Ekström

Board member

Karin Lind-Mörnesten

Board member

Ludvig Mörnesten

Board member

Miia Kivipelto, MD, PhD

Professor of Clinical Geriatric
Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet