About Geras

Geras Solutions has a very clear mission – to transform the lives of those impacted by dementia. We make this a reality by providing our digital solutions – Geras Clinic, Geras Support and Risk Reduction, which use AI and Machine learning processes, interpreted by specialists, to guarantee dementia support that is clinically tested and validated.

We know we dream big, but by digitalising traditional forms of dementia care, we can transcend barriers that keep many from ever understanding that they even have dementia. We want to help millions of people across the world and work towards bringing the dementia non-detection from the global rate of 75% rate to 0%.


Our Team

Management Team

Haza Newman


Victor Bloniecki Kallio, MD

Clinical Content Manager

Vladimir Osipov

CTO/Full Stack

Gisselle Avila

Digital Media Coordinator

Tom von Sydow

Lead Strategy Coordinator

Vitaliy Shishov

Back End Developer

Simon Tong

Developer intern

Advisory Board

Miia Kivipelto

Professor of Geriatrics, Karolinska Institute

Gustaf Bucht

Professor Emeritus of Geriatric Medicine, Umeå

Göran Hagman

Karolinska University Hospital

Per Båtelson

Swedish health leader and entrepreneur

Göran Hägglund

Swedish Minister of Health (2006-2014)

Board Members

Bo Mattsson


Lars Ekström

Board member

Karin Lind-Mörnesten

Board member

Ludvig Mörnesten

Board member

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