We aim to transform the lives of millions impacted by dementia around the globe

We empower individuals by providing access to support using our digital solutions
to alleviate patients’ and society’s growing need.

Quick and effortless
access to dementia support

Through early diagnosis, we can radically improve the lives of those impacted by dementia. Geras Solutions connects patients, family members and health care professionals directly to specialists for clinical assessment, risk reduction and support. These tools are meant to be used across each patient’s entire dementia cycle for a healthier ageing of the brain.

Geras Clinic, Geras Support and Risk Reduction use AI and Machine learning processes, interpreted by specialists, to guarantee dementia support that is clinically tested and validated.

Connect with dementia specialists from home

Today, 75% of people living with dementia never receive a formal diagnosis. We aim to change this by providing access to dementia support, right from the comfort of home, and provide resource saving tools that will increase early diagnosis and detection.

High-quality scientific guidance, information and tips

Clinician developed and scientifically validated risk reduction tools

Extensively tested post-diagnosis
tools personalized to user needs
and interest

Cognitive measurement and remote meetings with doctors and nurses

Geras Solutions is comprised of the following digital tools:

Geras Clinic

Disease assessment support and
specialist access via video chat

Risk Reduction

Informing and monitoring lifestyle elements that reduce risk of dementia onset*

Geras Support

Disease Management and
video chat support

Professor of Clinical Geriatric Epidemiology at Karolinska Institute


We will shortly be releasing news and information on the progress.

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