Geras app

Geras Solutions offers patients and caregivers an ecosystem of digital solutions focused on dementia support via an easy to use mobile health tool. We also provide a suite of tools that allow users to prevent, maintain and delay cognitive decline and dementia by introducing lifestyle interventions and modifications, encouraging individuals to track and manage their own health*. These solutions are cost effective and easily accessible for patients while giving access to dementia specialists. Our tests evaluate the following cognitive functions: working and short-term memory, executive and visuospatial abilities, attention, abstraction, and orientation in time and space.

Geras Clinic

Geras Clinic utilises a video chat module to connect
concerned users with dementia nurses and doctors to form an
assessment of cognitive decline, utilising gold-standard diagnostics
used by the healthcare system. This Pre-Diagnosis gives an early
indication of the disease to the user and creates a database of test
results to be used by the healthcare system during the formal
diagnosis process, saving time and resources in the physical clinic.


The Post-Diagnosis integrates the Risk Reduction and Geras Support tools to provide a practical toolkit for users, diagnosed with dementia which helps manage the disease and empowers them to take action to reduce further decay of the condition. They are able to consult with our certified dementia specialists and receive guidance relevant to disease management.

Connect with Dementia specialists from home!

1. Download our easy to use app.

2. Fill out your medical profile.

3. Speak with our Nurse.

4. Complete the cognitive test.

5. Meet with our Doctor.

6. Understand your test results and risk.

Geras app scientific note

The Geras Solutions app is based on scientifically validated methodologies for reducing and delaying the onset of dementia and equip the user and caregiver with knowledge based on the latest research outcomes.

The successful multi-domain intervention developed in the FINGER study is an inspiration for the app structure and content. The app allows users to proactively reduce their risk of developing dementia, by adopting a series of lifestyle changes proven to reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Users are provided digital versions of gold-standard diagnostic tools (based on MoCa and MMSE) during cognitive status screening and are interpreted by our dementia specialists.

Users who already have a dementia diagnosis will have access to a practical toolkit to help them manage the disease and empower them to prevent further decay of cognitive functions.

Currently, trials are running in memory clinics with the purpose of clinically testing the app’s tools prior to launch and scaling. Concurrent pilot studies will be run at several nursing homes internationally to refine tools for caregivers further.

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