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Geras Solutions is a clinically tested and CE-marked medical device

Geras Solutions offers evidence-based, mobile health tools, which connect users to dementia specialists in order to provide a dementia assessment and more.*

Geras empowers users to allign with Risk Reduction methods, based on the groundbreaking FINGER study, to prevent or delay cognitive decline through lifestyle changes. In addition to positive effects on cognition, significant positive effects related to other chronic diseases were seen by introducing lifestyle interventions and modifications, over time, and encouraging individuals to track and improve their own health.**

Our tests evaluate the following cognitive functions: working and short-term memory, executive and visuospatial abilities, attention, abstraction, and orientation in time and space.

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Scientific note


Geras Solutions provides decision support and AI for caregivers, physicians and researchers.

We focus on digitalising gold standard neuropsychological assessments and combining those validated methods with new cognitive batteries engineered and tested with researchers and scholars at Karolinska University Hospital’s Memory Clinic. Our digital cognitive tests have been clinically tested to be to be as sensitive and specific as other validated Paper-Pen tests (MoCA/MMSE).

Our assessments allow one to measure cognitive abilities via thousands of digital data points objectively. Thus enabling healthcare providers to truly focus on the patient, rather than collecting data manually. Instead, we compile automated test analyses into a digital report formatted and adapted to specialists requirements.

The Geras Solutions app is also based on the successful multi-domain intervention and groundbreaking FINGER study, developed by our Chief Scientific Advisor Prof. Miia Kivipelto. Her research is an inspiration for the app structure and content within Risk Reduction, which empowers users to proactively prevent or delay cognitive decline, by adopting a series of life-style changes, over time.


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* Videochat services vary based on country and availability of specialists.

**Based on methods developed and validated within the FINGER study.


  • Geras Solutions is a CE marked Class 1 medical device registered with Läkemedelsverket in Sweden.


  • Our platform is compatible with GDPR and data regulation in accordance to Sweden’s Patient Data Act (Patientdatalagen).