Privacy Policy

What information do we collect about you?

We collect different types of information on our users, some of which are given directly by them.

Some examples include name, email address, age, language. This is necessary for you to be able to create a user profile in order to use and access our services.

We also collect details pertaining to transactions between our users and us, for example, billing address and credit/debit card number. This is necessary for us to properly process and record any transaction.

Other information may be collected as well, which is not provided directly by the user but is collected through a certain type of software and other means.

Some examples include IP address, location, page views, and pattern of usage amongst other things. This is necessary for us to be able to provide the best possible experience for all of our users.

In addition to what explained above, we collect information on how the user performs when using our app. This is necessary for our doctors to be able to give the most accurate dementia risk assessment possible. They will need to access the users’ test results if they are to do so. This is also necessary for Geras Solutions to work on digital means to safely and accurately assess for dementia risk.

Regardless of the type of information on our users that we collect, you will always be asked for your consent and can be assured that we will never release this information to third parties if not legally required to do so.

Why do we use your information?

As already mentioned above there may be several reasons for us to collect user information. Some of these reasons may be:


  • To register users for them to access our services;
  • To process and record correctly every transaction occurring between Geras Solutions and its users;
  • To be able to provide our users with the best experience possible when using both the Geras Solutions App, and navigating the Geras Solutions website;
  • To further work on developing dementia detecting algorithms;
  • To comply with a legal obligation;
  • For assessment and analysis of our market, customers, products, and services (including conducting voluntary customer surveys);
  • To ensure that all of our services are working correctly and take the necessary measures if they are not;
  • For business monitoring and internal record keeping.
  • To be able to contact our customers and users for medical reasons or to update them regarding our services and policies.


As already stated above, we stress that all collecting and processing of data happens only after users consent to it.

To whom do we disclose your information?

We will never disclose or sell private user information to third parties without direct consent from our patients and users in question.

However, for the purpose of engaging in scientific research and clinical validation we ask for direct consent under the following specific criteria:

Data can be shared with the following validated and approved institutions: Karolinska University Hospital Memory Clinic, Karolinska Institutet, Fingers Brain Health Institute, BeBrainPowerful or UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. When sharing data for research purposes, we will ensure that researchers are only provided data that has been anonymized. This means they will not be able to understand the origins or source of data and will never be able to identify you by name.
Should you wish to opt-out, please contact us at:

if we are required by law to disclose user information in our possession or to protect our services. This effectively means to comply with the law or respond to compulsory legal process (such as a search warrant or other court order) or to verify or enforce compliance with the policies governing our Services.

What do we do to keep your information secure?

Geras Solution believes that user data should always be protected and for this reason, it resorts to data encryption. Encryption refers to the method by which plaintext or any other type of data is converted from a readable form to an encoded version that can only be decoded by another entity if they have access to a decryption key. Encryption is one of the most critical methods for providing data security. In addition to this, Geras Solutions does not store any of the users’ passwords, meaning that user profiles are accessible only by the users themselves. At the same time, we also use a VPN tunnel for our authentication, which provides an extra layer of security explicitly for our database servers replica set.


Cookies are small files that store information on your computer, mobile phone and other devices. Through them, entities who put them on your device can recognise you across different websites, services, devices, or browsing sessions. Cookies serve many useful purposes. They allow us, amongst other things, to provide a better overall service by identifying which pages are the most popular, remembering user setting and preferences, identifying which of our services users engage more in and if some of our services and products need maintenance.

Cookies are especially important for us to understand how effectively we are able to communicate to our customers what we are doing and which services we are offering, and we can understand that through Google Analytics, which requires cookies to provide us with that data.

Users always have the option to opt out and disable cookies, but they should be aware that their experience using our service may be impacted negatively by doing so. If you want to read more about our Privacy Policy, you can find it below on a separate page: Click here to view more on our Cookie Policy.

Your choices

Users are always able to unsubscribe from our mailing list. By changing privacy settings on their browser of choice they may be able to take further control of what information they are providing. In addition to this, users always have the right to know what type of information on them is collected and stored by Geras Solutions. More detailed information regarding how to access that data can be found in our entire Privacy Policy.

Social Network Plugins

Geras Solutions makes use of social media channels to promote its business and services. Our website is connected to those social media channels via “plug-ins”. What this means, is that those social media platforms we make use of may have access to some of the information you provide us. Geras Solutions has no control over what information is collected via plug-ins. The social media plug-ins contained in our website are the ones linking to the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. You are encouraged to find more information regarding what type of information may be in their possession by reading their privacy policies.







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If you want to read more about our Privacy Policy, you can find it here in a separate file.

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