Terms & Conditions

Our goals

Geras Solutions’ goal is to deliver accessible and effective quality dementia care and disease management from the comfort of the patients’ home.

While we are a Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm, we operate in different countries around the globe. When using our services, you can expect to be served by our healthcare practitioners operating in the country you reside in, as long as Geras Solutions is operating in that country. We operate online and our services are hosted on a number of servers that may be placed in your home country based on law and regulation independent to your country.

We are a company regulated by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket). We have created this Terms and Conditions webpage is to explain to you our service in detail, and we ask you to please read them carefully.

What do the terms cover?

These terms cover all the services we provide to you through the Geras Solutions mobile app (App) and our website www.gerassolutions.com (Website). If you decide to use any of our services, you will be asked to accept these terms and conditions, either as part of App registration or when navigating our Website.

You can rest assured that we will always ensure to provide the best possible service, in a way that is respectful of your time, money, and privacy. We comply with all the regulation and ethical practices of all the countries we operate in. You are more than welcome to reach out to us if you have any doubts, concerns, or suggestions via our contact form https://gerassolutions.com/contact/.

We may amend the Terms included in this webpage at any time. Despite this, all registered users will be notified every time we will make changes to ensure cooperation and understanding.

About us

We aim to provide remote dementia care, disease management, support, and risk reduction modules. All of the modules are accessible by users only through our App.

Our services are provided using qualified and licensed medical professionals (Practitioners) and healthcare professionals (Nurses), based in those countries we operate in.

We are Geras Solution AB (Company), a limited company from Sweden. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm, 115 26, Gyllenstiernsgatan 12.

Our Partners

You may have access to our services via one of our partners, for example, an insurer, employer, nursing home, or other organisation (Partner). In such a case, additional Terms may apply. Such responsibility will fall with our partners to provide such terms, if applicable, and you should check directly with them.

Our Services

All of Geras Solutions’ services are available to you via our App, which consists of three modules.

  • The Geras Clinic: users can create a profile, fill in a detailed medical history, complete a digital cognitive test, and engage in discussion, with a professional via mobile video chat consultation with both a nurse and physician, experts in dementia to receive an assessment of their cognitive health.
  • The Geras Support: users who have received a diagnosis of dementia (via Geras or another institution) have access to our disease management tools and have access for follow up consultations with our specialist who will monitor the state of their health care. Those caring for the patients also have access to support modules and knowledge resources.
  • The Geras Risk Reduction: users can make use of tools to track their diet, social engagement and physical activities, while also having access to brain training games. Diet, social engagement, physical activity, and cognitive training have been scientifically proven to be key to reducing both risk for and severity of dementia. You can find more information on this by reading the scientific note included in the “Geras App” section https://gerassolutions.com/geras-app/.

In addition to the App accessible by you as a user, we provide a web-based back-office to the dementia specialists working with us. This is necessary for them to visualise your test results and be able to give you the most accurate assessment possible. This also provides them with a venue to schedule appointments and meet with patients via video chat.

It should be noted that we provide dementia and cognitive impairment care solely. Other medical conditions fall out of our service area.

Our product is classified, and CE marked as a Class I medical device. This means that we are an AI based diagnosis support tool to diagnose dementia and cognitive impairment. As such, we are not legally allowed to provide a final diagnosis via our App alone. However, a doctor can make such a decision as we function as a decision-making tool for them. We can safely and assess a user’s risk of developing or having developed dementia. In some instances, we may need to refer the users to a physical consultation with the closest memory clinic or dementia specialist, for them to further ascertain and engage in intrusive diagnostic procedures, such as PET, lumbar puncture or blood samples. A final diagnosis may also be provided by such a referral to a specialist.

We cannot always prescribe dementia medication via remote consultation, but we can make a recommendation to the specialist to which users at high risk are referred to. This is completely dependent on the regulation, law and requirements within individual and separate countries.

When it comes to users’ medical data, we believe in complying strictly to all privacy regulation and will not disclose it to anybody, except to those specialists we refer to, or if legally required to do so.

Technical requirements

Our App is available on Android and iOS devices. We recommend using a tablet device when using our App, as the bigger screen makes it easier to read the on-screen instructions. The App is, however, also available on mobile phone devices for those who prefer it. We support both iOS and Android devices, with some limitations. The oldest iOS version we support is iOS 10, while the oldest iPhone able to run our App is the iPhone 6 model. With regards to Android, we require devices to run Android 6.0 or newer.

For optimal usage of our tools, we recommend you use devices that meet the following minimum specifications:


  • Installed Size – 4 GB


  • Processor model – Snapdragon 820
  • Clock Speed – 2.15 GHz Manufacturer QUALCOMM
  • Number of Cores – Quad-Core
  • Flash memory – Internal

Storage Space

  • 32 GB


  • Screen size – 9.7 ”
  • Resolution – 2048 x 1536
  • Pixel density (ppi) – 264
  • Multi-Touch-display – Yes

You must have a good Internet connection in order to have an effective interaction with our Practitioners. For safety and privacy reasons, we strongly suggest you don’t use a public wireless network to access the App, opting for a personal WI-FI connection instead.

Updates for the App will be occasionally made available. We suggest always updating to the latest version of the App via the Apple or Google Play stores.

What we need from you in order to provide our services

For us to provide our service, users should make sure to:

1) Communicate with us in one of the languages we support.
2) Make sure to seek further advice from another medical specialist in case of any doubt or concern after using our services. In such cases, we will refer patients to an in-person visit, should it be required.
3) Follow the suggestions and indications given by our Practitioners. As stated above, we cannot always prescribe medication, but we do believe in preventive and lifestyle medicine, which can safely be recommended. This has been scientifically proven to be effective and has been proven to have mainly positive side-effects.
4) Communicate with us if you have any doubt, concern or suggestion.

Regulation of our services

Our services are only available to adults concerned about their cognitive health, family members and caregivers of people living with dementia.

We operate in different countries. When accessing our services in one of the particular countries we operate in, you are receiving services delivered from that same country. For example, if you are using our App in Sweden, the Practitioner you will be interacting will be licensed to practice in Sweden, and will be physically located in Sweden. As such, our services are regulated by each country of operation’s medical device regulatory body. In Sweden, this is the Swedish Medical Product Agency (Läkemedelsverket). Other examples would be China, which is regulated by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration would regulate such a product.


As mentioned above, we are not always able to give a final diagnosis at this stage of development. We are, however, confident in assessing one’s risk for dementia. In case one of our users are considered at risk of having developed or developing dementia, they will be referred to a “physical” dementia specialist, to obtain a final diagnosis.

Our goal is to provide a dementia diagnosis to those in need of it as quickly and conveniently as possible, and we will be therefore referring to the memory clinic or dementia specialist closest to the users. Memory clinics we will be referring to may be our Partners. We will, however, always give the option to the users to have a say in where they are going to be referred.

Limits to our service

We cannot guarantee the availability of any particular or specific Practitioner working for us. They are the ones setting their availability, and there may be at times be various specialists that a patient will meet.

Consultations are mainly to be limited to 15 – 20 minutes. There may, however, be situations arising that require more or less time.

Please keep in mind that different Practitioners may have different opinions regarding one’s condition. Should you happen to have doubts or feel like you want a second opinion after a consultation with one of our Practitioners, you are encouraged to either get in touch with a different Practitioner working for us or to any other healthcare provider.

We do not accept any abusive or offensive language towards our Practitioners and Nurses.

Please note that to access our service, you must be using a device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

We operate in different countries, and we can assure that our Practitioners operating in specific countries will speak the national and common languages of that country (e.g. our Practitioners in Sweden speak Swedish). It may be possible to communicate with them in another language if, for example, they speak English, but we do not always assure this to be the case.

We may ask you for specific personal details and information to access our services. If you do not wish to provide us with those details, it may not be possible for us to provide you with our services.

It is important that you consider that at the present stage, the App is not designed to diagnose dementia on its own. For this, we rely on the doctor and focus on providing risk assessment and referral to a specialist for a formal diagnosis.

Accessing our services

Our services are accessed remotely using the internet (Infrastructure), and mobile devices able to access the internet (i.e. tablets or smartphones) and operate our App and Website. We are solely responsible for aspects concerning the App and Website and do not respond to problems relating to Infrastructure or mobile devices.


Should you have any concern or wish to communicate with us, you are welcome to get in touch via email. You can find a contact form on our Website, on the “Contact” page or by sending an email to support@gerassolutions.com

Changes to these terms

We may need to change these Terms from time to time. Users of the App will be notified each time via email.

How we use personal information

For us to run our operation and provide the best possible service, we need to process some personal data. We comply with all EU privacy regulation. If you wish to know more about how your data is being handled, you are welcome to read our privacy policy, available on the Website under the “Privacy” page.

Consultation recordings

We keep a record of all consultations, both in video and text format, between our users and our specialists. This is mostly done for quality control, for us to assure the best possible service delivery. Upon request, users may receive a copy of the recordings.

Price and payment

Geras Solutions provides private healthcare and does not participate for now in national healthcare reimbursement schemes. Users are therefore expected to pay out-of-pocket. We are however working on synergies with the different national healthcare systems of the countries we operate in, and these terms may change in the future. Users will be notified of any changes.

The price of our service will be set out in the App. Our prices may change at any time and may vary across regions.

Users pay for our service with debit or credit card.

Our risk-reduction module is free of charge, and users may access it at any time.

For users to receive a final risk-assessment, they will be required to pay a one-time fee.

Users with a dementia diagnosis will have access to our support module if they wish so. In that case, they will be asked to pay a subscription fee, either monthly or annually.

Subscriptions may automatically renew, and we will take payment at the end of each monthly or annual subscription period (as applicable) unless you cancel the Subscription before the end of the relevant subscription period.

Our liability to you

We are responsible for any loss or damage you may have encountered as a result of negligence to respect these terms and condition on our part.

Our App and Website is designed to keep personal data you provided us safe, and we take a number of measures to ensure it remains so. You can read more about it in our privacy policy. In the event of a data breach, you will be notified. For any other concerns and questions, please contact us directly.

Our liability to you

We are responsible for any loss or damage you may have encountered as a result of negligence to respect these terms and condition on our part.

Our App and Website is designed to keep personal data you provided us safe, and we take a number of measures to ensure it remains so. You can read more about it in our privacy policy. In the event of a data breach, you will be notified. For any other concerns and questions, please contact us directly.

Brand and creative material

We own the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the App and Website (Geras IPR).

While you may use Geras IPR for personal use (e.g. you may want to communicate or show material containing Geras IPR to your GP), you may under no circumstances print, distribute, copy material containing Geras IPR for business purposes.


Users with a subscription may decide to de-register at any time, without additional charge. They should, however, note that their cancellation will take effect at the end of the four-week period they have paid for.


Should any other concerns, questions or problem arise, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at support@gerassolutions.com or via our “Contact us” form at www.gerassolutions.com.

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